Relocation of production plants

The relocation of production plants to far foreign countries was a trend of the past years. The consequence is, that added value was transferred from domestic to foreign countries. Many jobs were lost in this way.

All this was done with the objective to facilitate the purchase of goods at lower prices.

It is mostly unclear in which working conditions people in far-away-production facilities are employed. Often you will find working conditions, which in no way comply with our ethical understanding.

Obviously we depend on companies which are producing goods. They employ the majority of the population.
Production plants which respect our own rules and principles also must be able to earn accordingly money to enable us all the working conditions we expect from them.

Therefore it is important for consumers to buy "good valued" goods. Goods need to be their price worth - and the worth of a product is not limited to its material value, but focuses instead on values that are connected to the production and sale of that product.