Why we do this

The aim of this project is the awareness about the effects of regional networking.

Our social life takes place in regions. The regions can be divided in:

Each region is based on the previous. In other words:

And here we make no difference between private and business.

Also, the economic cycle is based on these regions.

We try to buy as much as possible in nearby regions. Whether it is the bread at the local bakery, the local gas station, the local grocery store, the barber in the town, and so on.

True to the motto - so closed as possible - all nearby regions are strengthened by this attitude.

Thus we ensure appropriate prosperity in our regions - and thus also for ourselves.

Of course, not everything is available in the closed environment. For things that we don't get in the near place, we need to expand the region. But also this should happen in the next nearby region.

With this mindset, it is also possible, to buy goods to a higher price in the near region, as for example in a cheap online-shop.

Only if the regional economic cycle works we will live in an environment characterized by prosperity, future-security and safety.

In our automation industry, products are produced all around the world. A closed regional thought (town / city / country) is here only conditionally applicable because our products are produced only to a very limited range in Austria. For this reason, we extend our approaches on the next higher region - Europe.

Now we are ready to implement this in our business uncompromisingly.

At the end of this it even benefits us ourselves - we are deeply convinced!